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I had a pair of birthdays earlier this week. My actual birthday was Wednesday, but [ profile] colletteshorses had class all day and evening, so we spent some low-key time together on Thursday, too.

At the insistence of my ever-so-sensible wife, I took the week off. It's been a while since I had a vacation, and I found that I really needed it. Wednesday morning was a bit hectic, as [ profile] colletteshorses needed to print some photos for class, and the printer, naturally, was being recalcitrant. It was clearly in a dark mood, as all the prints came out three or four shades darker than the previews. Ah, well, the wonders of high technology. Nevertheless, [ profile] colletteshorses  and I sat and opened presents together. The card was actually a cartoon, which was brilliantly chosen. She got me Dar Williams' latest CD and a great big bunch of Great Big Sea albums. Plenty of new music to listen to for the day!

The rest of the day was spent in fruitful work with power tools, then the animals and I had some time. Just sitting outside with a soda, a pair of excitedly curious cats exploring the landscape (Capo stayed inside), and the perpetually moving dog swinging by to check on me every once in a while.

Later on I pulled out a guitar, put on some Great Big Sea, and played along. Eventually Toccata noticed that my lap should be put to better use, and was trying to wedge himself between the guitar and me. He won, of course, so I put the guitar aside and he curled up contentedly. Late in the evening, for me anyway, Collette called on her way home, and we kept each other awake while she drove over 17.

On Thursday I made some pointedly cheesy omelettes for breakfast, then we went in to Santa Cruz. She had an appointment with a new type of physical therapist, whose home is beautifully but modestly decorated - very Santa Cruz. The therapist turned out to be a Mac person and she wants a new machine and maybe an iPod Touch, so we chatted up a brief storm. 

Then we had an appointment with an attorney (nothing to worry about - it's a good thing) and since we were downtown, we found an Indian place for a late lunch. Turns out that, while the restaurant is not vegetarian, their entire daily buffet is. We sat at a windowed corner table, watching the color of Santa Cruz wander by Pacific street with the breeze coming through the screens.

We chatted about house decorations as we wandered up and down Pacific, mostly window shopping. Eventually we wound our way home, as Collette had a lot of homework to dive in to. I decided to switch the railbike back to the guide wheel system and take it out for another test. Once it got dark, I made lots of noise and sparks with the power tools - a metal cut-off blade sawing through 3/4" angle iron makes for a truly spectacular nighttime shower of light.

Yes, I'm getting older, but I'm having more fun!
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