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Holy cow...

So a week ago a writer for contacted me about the fireflies, having found them through the Maker Faire. I exchanged a few emails with some details, and, well:

This is more than I'd ever hoped for! Just wow.

(Good thing our website is now live. As of last night, that is. Nothing like the last minute to give you heart failure.)
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Baby pictures! As go all things engineering, continual changes and updates keep happening. So, for the show, we will have two different types, and here they are.

The one on the left is from the pilot run and is the previous design. The one on the right is a preproduction run, and it's what they will look like from here on out. It's about an inch across and weighs but 7 grams.

There will be 125 of the older design. There are 1200 of the newer ones in the works, though it's expected that there may be only about 180 of them finished by the show. If the gods are truly smiling, a few more might make it. If they are frowning, though...

They're lead-free, mercury-free, dolphin-safe, nuclear-free, contain no harmful propellants, and dipped in weatherproof epoxy.

Click through for larger images:

No rest for the weary. The web site due date is Thursday, and the dark-booth needs attention!

See us at Maker Faire!
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See us at Maker Faire!

Just found out that our booth will not be in the Dark Room, as they are not having one per se this year. Instead, they will put us in the main hall (the big boxy building) which has better foot traffic, at least. But it isn't dark, not the least bit. This means we have to rework the booth to make our own darkness!

We need to be able to make it dark enough to show the fireflies doing their thing while still being open enough to get people's attention as they pass. I'm expecting an ambient room light intensity of at least 200 lux, which could be up to 1000 if we're too close to the entrances, whereas the fireflies don't start to come on till well under 20 lux. Yipe!

We'll have to make some kind of dark box around the whole booth, or something. Maybe use an easy-up and cover the whole thing in dark cloth? Put out some kind of awning over the front to shade that area (assuming the Powers That Make will let us do so)? Any other ideas, anyone?

In other areas, prep for the Faire is rolling along more smoothly. The web site is being reworked by [ profile] colletteshorses  and two of her school chums. She has worked out the credit card and PayPal systems, and I'm finishing construction and testing of the first run of 100. I have a manufacturer friend lined up for the follow-on run of 1000, which he says should easily be done by the show. I'd really like to have all the parts and boards ordered once a few details get worked out in the next few days - in other words, Real Soon Now (TM).

The Maker Faire is approaching at a rate of 1 second per second, which nevertheless seems awfully fast from here.
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See us at Maker Faire!

Yes, that logo means what you think it means. [ profile] colletteshorses and I are all official and stuff for displaying the fireflies at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. The name of our little company is Humble Earth and we expect to be set up in the Dark Room, as the little fireflies aren't exactly a big deal out in the sunshine...

I've got a pilot run of 100 fireflies in the works right now, and we have to plan our booth and get something neato going. Selling price is still TBD, as we have a lot of calculations to do in order to try to just break even.

More info (and begging for assistance/assistants) to come as we get closer!


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